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Connecting innovative projects and engaged backers through a community-focused platform, offering fair and transparent LBPs and token sale events.
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Where New Ideas
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Fair & Transparent Launches
Fjord specialises in Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools that prioritise equitable distribution, reducing the impact of bots and whale manipulation.
Community-Driven Price Discovery
The unique high-to-low pricing mechanism empowers the community to dictate the fair market value, ensuring everyone gets in on equal terms.
Democratising Access to New Ideas
Fjord levels the playing field for everyone—creators and participants alike—ensuring that groundbreaking projects and innovative tokens are accessible to all, not just a privileged few.
Join Communities & Raise Capital in Minutes
Whether you're a project seeking funding or an enthusiast eager to join new crypto communities, Fjord's intuitive interface and quick LBP launch process make it possible to raise capital and join thriving communities—all within minutes.
Previous Success Stories
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OLAS coordinates the cutting-edge Autonolas network, a unified network of off-chain services – like automation, oracles, and co-owned AI.
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Merit Circle
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Merit Circle is a decentralized autonomous organization that empowers individuals with the opportunity to earn through play and to develop their skills .
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RSS3 is a next-generation feed standard that aims to support efficient and decentralized information distribution. Backed by Coinbase Ventures.
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Welcome to the Future of Community Building

Fjord Foundry is a community-focused platform that specialises in connecting innovative projects with engaged backers. Built upon the principles of fairness and transparency, we offer a variety of token sale methods, including our most popular and well-renowned method—Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools (LBPs).

Fjord's mission is to democratise access to early-stage opportunities for our community of backers while providing projects the means to bootstrap liquidity in a seamless and straightforward manner.

For both project teams and individual backers, we provide an all-in-one environment geared towards early-stage ideas. Teams can focus on what truly matters—building out their vision and generating liquidity for decentralised exchange trading. While backers can explore a selection of early-stage opportunities that resonate with their passions and beliefs.

Fjord serves at the inflection point where projects and supporters engage, collaborate, and grow together.

Discovery starts here.
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